hate to say i told you so

went shopping with my mummy.
she got me

x 3 tops
x 1 denimn mini
x 4 knickers
x 3 pairs LUSH shoes
x 1 bag
x 1 angel bed socks

pictures will be shown after i've unwrapped them and am wearing and am christmas merry.
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i watched confessions of a drama queen last night and it was absolutely shit. but today i watched Janghwa, Hongryeon and it was awesome. HOW COOL ARE JAPANESE HORROR MOVIES? & how clever am I for being able to watch a film, read subtitles, listen to foreign speaking and wrap presents at the same time?

all the things i deserve for being such a good girl

i have a new ljournal, because i update differently now, with the whole not having the internet, and having this completely new and different life (ish). since people found out stuff i wrote here due to being told the address or being sent entries over msn (ahem) then i'm not going to post the name here just tell me if you still want to know me after these 3 months of north.
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there have also been nematodes.

if one animal randomly appeared in space, there is a 70% chance it would be a nemato.
this is because THERE ARE likr four x as many of them as the rest of us put together.
(and not a whale like in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy).
only 0.05% of nematos are male.
lucky bastards you might think, male to female nice ratio.

the rest are haemaphrodites!!!!
oh how i love thee nematodes.
if only thee were not small and wormy.

deny it’s history

In the last 2 weeks there has been... highs, there have been lows, there has been drug taking, there have been stalkers, there has been blackmailing, there has been drinking, there has been sheesha, there has been stee, there has been essay righting, cartoon violence fighting, pranking and there has been stuff I cant be arsed to write about. like extreme poverty. and boys.

On Saturday I went to see the Grudge on Mushrooms. I can remember being really freaked out at the time Well anyway we went to this Sheesha café. Oh my Gosh. I was still freaking and their was this ancient African woman who looked like something off Rose Red (Stephen King film). Sheesha is quite nice, it’s a coal instead of tobacco so it’s not harsh.

It feels like nothings happened but I guess shitloads has, it’s just noone on here knows the people I’m talking about other than Stee. On Sunday me and Rich had pancakes for tea, on Monday Nikki brought some people back off our course and they saw our disgusting mess of a house. on Tuesday I went to see Machine Head with Owen, Carl and Ben and I almost walked right into Tom and I got the wrong end of the stick about something so got confused. I realised he is still my mr big and I’m still stuck there acting like a social leper whenever I see him. Not as much as a social leper as normal but I actually asked about us when we were on our own in my room but I obviously chose a stupid question considering I don’t know what the answer means.

Right now me and Richard are in the library, I have copious amounts of letters and emails to write and about a lifetime worth of livejournal, infact it does actually feel like my entire lifespan has been these last few weeks.

I’m writing this in Microsoft word in size 8 (like me!!!) so it’s making my words posh. I like it when I come come across pictures of people I didn’t used to like on and they are undeniably tubs in their more recent photos. Ha ha ha! I also know that it’s incredibly weird to get so much enjoyment out of fat pictures.

I haven’t been online in such a long time because last time I was at the library I had to hide from this guy I met the time before last, I was writing my essay and he came over and kept talking to me and then wrote me this stalker letter on the back of a receipt. If this puts you off Armley, please remember that yes, I am constantly hounded by crazy people whos parents have always been in the same immediate family and just loved each other too much, but come on baby, the flushing toilet was invented here.

Yesterday I shocked Owen with my feelings on cat and mouse cartoon violence. Thinking of Tom and Jerry, does anyone else see Jerry as the evil guy? Maybe it‘s just me, but I just always have. Tom is just this cat chasing a mouse but has all these evil plans and then runs away to his little hole that he has slyly built inside Tom’s house and gets away with it. He’s a dictator with the dog and headless woman under his thumb and complete mind control over Tom .
Hopefully Stee will be coming over after uni tomorrow. I accidentally left my phone at home so I DON’T KNOW. I was going to go to Keighley today. I’m in the library with Rich who made me jelly and I want to go home and eat it.


Oh yeah and of course my life is a billion times more interesting than this. I just don’t want to write most of it down. I just cant really be fucked. Plus it’s not on friends only. I'm really getting on with most of the people I live with so it's great.
BUT brian is threatening and trying to blackmail me! over someone drinking his tins of pop and then putting the can back in the bag. he is telling on the lack of tv licenses owned by people in the house, and the drug taking also done by about half the people in the house.
i gave my tv to hayley & i'm seventeen. but it's still pretty fucking harsh.

So where are we going we’re not ready for drowning
So where are we going we’re not ready for drowning
So where are we going we’re not ready for drowning
So where are we going we’re not waving we are drowning
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... does this sound way dirty for something written in 1888?

Annie Besant, The Link (23rd June, 1888)

Born in slums, driven to work while still children, undersized because under-fed, oppressed because helpless, flung aside as soon as worked out, who cares if they die or go on to the streets provided only that Bryant & May shareholders get their 23 per cent and Mr. Theodore Bryant can erect statutes and buy parks?

Girls are used to carry boxes on their heads until the hair is rubbed off and the young heads are bald at fifteen years of age? Country clergymen with shares in Bryant & May's draw down on your knee your fifteen year old daughter; pass your hand tenderly over the silky clustering curls, rejoice in the dainty beauty of the thick, shiny tresses.
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post me pictures of your (whole, immediate) nuclear families please! if you want

1. to be famous
2. me to love you
3. to feel spiritual erm happinesss
4. to be part of degree work

or other families.

i have decided to leave you forever

i'm in the library... doing my work. sort of, i really need to get this done hence the me filling in livejournal instead. everyone went home last weekend, stee and that didn't come to gay folkes night so me, ashley and ruth went at six. turns out it started at 10 and was at a nightclub, and we're dressed up to stand in a field freezing all night so we went back home and had a bonfire/ kitchen party with our eight remaining housemates.
we played drinking games,
we played king cups.
i drank vodka.
i spent six hours being sick on sunday morning.

I had a munch pub dinner afterwards though, not at the Malt Shovel, at the place everyone goes to for Sunday Roast. I hadV egetable lasagne and roast potatos, but my stomach had contracted to approximately the size of a pea so I couldn't enjoy it.

My Aunty Charmain died of Motor Neurone Disease aswell this week, so I might be home?

I heard that one of my best friends from back home is getting death threats and has had to move??? What the hell is going on?
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